28 Sep 2014

1000 people march in London against ISIS assault

Brief report from Sarah Parker, thanks Sarah for permission to use

I thought people might like a short report of today's demonstration for Kobane and against ISIS.

Don’t let Kobane fall!

On Sunday 28 September 1000 or so people marched from Angel Edmonton through Haringey to the Kurdish community centre off Green Lanes to protest against the siege of Kobane, and the silence of the international community over the blatant  military support of the Turkish state for the ISIS fighters who are besieging the Kurdish town of Kobane in Northern Syria. Most of the people on the march were Kurdish from Turkey; there were also contingents from the Turkish left. Stephanie and Sarah took the Haringey Left Unity banner. The march went down Fore Street and Tottenham High Road and Philip Lane, West Green Road to Green Lanes. Slogans in Kurdish, Turkish and English included:

  • Unite against ISIS!
  • Long live the Kobane resistance!
  • Long live YPG[1] <#_ftn1> !
  • Who beheaded American journalists? ISIS.
  • Who has been killing Kurdish and Assyrian women and children? ISIS

Speakers called for an end to the silence over Turkey’s role in supporting ISIS. People in the streets gave a friendly reception to the march, and many took pictures.

If people want to offer solidarity, they can do a variety of things:

  • Keep informed,  follow events in the Middle East, including via Kurdish news agencies Firat News and Hawar News
  • Make sure people they know are aware of the siege of Kobane and that they understand that the people of Kobane have the right to defend themselves against ISIS
  • Post news on social media about the defence of Kobane and the Kurdish protests all over Europe
  • Get organisations to agree positions of solidarity with the defence of Kobane
  • Ask David Lammy or Lynn Featherstone what they is doing to get the British government to restrain Turkey, a NATO member, from giving military assistance to ISIS
  • Like the Kurdish Unity Facebook page and get notices of events
  • Support Heyva Sor (Kurdish Red Crescent equivalent) – see their Facebook page

[1] <#_ftnref1>  (the People’s Protection Units who are defending Kobane, where there are several hudred thousand people including refugees, and who in August rescued thousands of Yezidis from the ISIS assault on Shengal in northern Iraq).

27 Sep 2014

Unite Against ISIS attacks in Kobane March in London



Kurds will march from Angel Corner, Edmonton to Haringey on Sunday 28th Sept. 2014 from 1pm to condemn ISIS attacks on the city of Kobane, Northern Syria (Western Kurdistan) and ask for the support of the UK public and government

ISIS gangs have been attacking the city of Kobane since 15th September 2014. They have been beheading and kidnapping civilians in the villages they have laid siege to. Over 160,000 people have been displaced, most of them fleeing across the border to Turkey, where they are being attacked by Turkish soldiers, with one Kurdish civilian being killed by soldiers on the 26th and two being wounded.

Today is the 12th day of attacks on Kobane. ISIS is using heavy artillery, tanks, missiles and US military technology to bomb the city. Despite the brave resistance of Kurdish fighters, unfortunately they are being overpowered by the superior military capability of ISIS. To add to this the AKP government of Turkey are still turning a blind eye to ISIS and hoping to create a buffer-zone in Northern Syria. This will mean an illegal occupation of Kurdish controlled areas and will further intensify the human suffering.

Kurds across Europe and the world are protesting against an imminent genocide by ISIS, similar to that of the Yazidi Kurds in August. The lives of over 300,000 people is under threat in what will be another human tragedy.

We, as the Kurds of the UK will be engaged in democratic protests to condemn ISIS terror, Turkey’s policies and raise awareness and ask the UK public and government to recognise and support the Kurds of Rojava (Western Kurdistan) by providing weapons and humanitarian aid as well as diplomatic support.

We ask the international and UK media to continue bringing to attention the situation in Kobane, Kurdistan and the Middle East, and what is being done against ISIS in the UK.

Unite Against ISIS attacks in Kobane March
Date: 28th September, 2014
Place: Angel Corner, Edmonton, London (outside LIDL)
Time: 13:00

Kurdish Assembly UK

Contact for enquiries: 07506702697

22 Sep 2014

Kurdish Demonstration stop the genocide from #ISIS and #Turkey Wednesday 24th 1pm Parliament Square , London

Kurdish Demonstration Wednesday 24th 1pm Parliament Square

From Kurdish Unity Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/KU.ORG?hc_location=timeline>

To all, we will be gathering on - Wednesday 24th September at 1pm - for a Gigantic Protest in Parliament Square.

 According to new information, the situation in Rojava, Kobani, is even more serious than previously thought. It is the difference between Kurds holding onto their freedom currently in Syria to Kurds losing control completely and facing a genocide on a scale possibly not seen in the History of the Kurds. This will inevitably impact the Kurds in all parts of Kurdistan.

 We are calling upon Kurds from all parts of Kurdistan. Bakur, Başur, Rojhilat and Rojava to gather in Unity to protest against ISIS terrorists and to call for the UK government to send both humanitarian and arms to Kurds in Rojava.

 Please bring as many people as you can. Our turnout must be in thousands.

 It is very important that Kurds UNITE and stand TOGETHER on Wednesday 24th September.

 This is the TIME and day to UNITE and stand SHOULDER to SHOULDER with KURDS from all parts of KURDISTAN.

 This coming week on 24th of September at 1pm in Parliament Square.

 Organised by Ciwanen Azad UK <https://www.facebook.com/CiwanenAzadUK>  and Britain Kurdish People's Assembly